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From Infinity to the End

We live in the common space between nature and the city, but with humankind's infinite demands upon nature, the depletion of all natural resources will become a matter of course. Can a city develop infinitely? And when will Mother Nature be depleted? Artist Sim Chan and design group LLAB Design made use of art installations, one in the form of a cityscape and the other with natural vegetation to raise awareness of the contradictions between humanity and the environment, with an aim to awaken people from the delusion of infinite consumption and so to put a stop to the possible disappearance of the scenery and things around us.


Sim Chan used a series of lighting installations to construct the endless skyline of a city – layer after layer of container space, aquarium made of Styrofoam, and the extensive and continuing development of urban structures in town. From a micro perspective, he constructed a boundless cityscape to allow the audience to ply the familiar yet strange hustle and bustle of everyday life between reality and the unreal mirror images.


Human beings have directly and indirectly caused the extinction or imminent extinction of other species on earth. LLAB Design referenced over 100 rare plant species that are either extinct or on the brink of extinction, using seemingly strong but fragile material to show the robust, hardy beauty of the plants. They may look unreal, but they existed at one time. Do human beings realise that with endless development how few species of flowers will continue to bloom in the future?

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