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Marriott New Year Gift Set

Each gift set is designed to elevate the Lunar New Year celebrations with a touch of luxury and functionality.

Every gift set is elegantly packaged in a premium vegetable-tanned leather pouch. This pouch not only adds a touch of sophistication but also serves a dual purpose as a passport holder and a convenient organizer for smartphones during charging, catering to the modern traveler's needs.

The red packets themselves are a work of art, printed on sparkled paper to exude opulence and glamour. The highlight of the design is the meticulously crafted laser-cut gold fish, symbolizing mobility and prosperity. Each red packet is a symbol of good fortune and auspicious beginnings, embodying the spirit of the Lunar New Year.


Marriott Hotel (Hong Kong)

Photo credit

Studio O (Hong Kong)

Print production

Champion Pro (Hong Kong) Ltd

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