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LOCKNESTERS 3D Puzzle - Astronaut (White)

LOCKNESTERS 3D Puzzle - Astronaut (White)

Part puzzle and part toy, Locknesters are the result of a fascination with unconventional geometries and a desire to create design work that encourages interaction. Locknesters could be thought of as three dimensional jigsaw puzzles, each model can be taken apart and assembled, used as a challenge to friends, a distraction from work, or to liven up a room.


These five pieces make for a straightforward puzzle to put together, they look fantastic as a display piece either together or as individuals. When taken apart Bear’s five pieces are quite abstract, but they make sense quickly as he is assembled.


Bears polished surface offers a distinctively smooth feel and allows their pieces to slide easily together. All parts are hand sanded, barrel tumbled, and top coated to create a final product that is the result of devotion to craftsmanship and quality. 

Material : High-quality plastic

Size : H10.5"(L); H8.5"(M)

Designer : Locknesters

Made in Brooklyn

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