Dooough Shell

Dooough Shell

Dooough is an extendable and shapeable light shades made by eco-friendly paper and ink. Different forms are made by connecting different “mortise and Tenon” puzzles in different combination.


SHELL is a scalable light shade for most of the lighting in the market. Shape, graphic, and size can be scaled up and down easily by the number of puzzles. It has two different outlooks on day and night by its graphic pattern and the overlapping trapezoidal-shaped pins and tails.


*Notice: Only Low temperature LED is suitable for DOOOUGH light shades series.

Material : Eco-friendly SFC translucent ice paper

Size : H340mm x W260mm x D40mm (package size); Unlimited open size depends on structure

Include in package : 20pcs of puzzles

* Package do not include light source nor lamp