Dali Cuckoo Clock

Dali Cuckoo Clock

Designed by Antonio Farina, this wooden cuckoo clock is inspired by legendary master Salvador Dalí, featuring his signature mustache. With a eye catching melon yellow color, a cuckoo tolls the hour on one side, while a horn on the other side sounds with echoed chirps and the rush of a river.


Equipped with a quartz mechanism powered by batteries, the ringtone can be deactivated and is adjustable with 2 intensities. The clock is equipped with a modern light control sensor that ensures that the cuckoo does not come out at night or in the absence of light.

Material : Wood

Size : 240mm x 150mm x 110mm

Designer : Antonio Farina

Made in Italty

Integrated light sensor switches off the sound when the room is dark

Powered by 3 alcaline batteries C/LR14/1,5V