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A'Design Awards - Aurum Gold Leaf


Gold Leaves Packaging

With its special qualities of shininess and rareness, genuine gold leaves are traditionally representing prestigious, luxurious and high quality. Thus we would like to show these characteristics thru the packaging. The process of making gold leaves is by hammering a piece of gold for over 20,000 times, to obtain the finest quality and thinnest texture. For this reason, the gold foil graphics on packaging has an irregular shape to show the making of process of gold leaves. We also reference from the structure of jewelry boxes on the packaging box structure, in order to deliver the luxurious touch.

Client is a manufacturer of gold leaf. Instead of selling raw materials (thin gold leaves to craftsman or desert ingredients shops), we recommend client to develop a new brand that sell premium edible gold leaf to customers (expand the business model from B2B to B2C). We have designed a premium gift box for the new brand. The gift box is specially designed with glamour and elegance which is made of edible grade material. It comes with a bespoke tweezer to ensure easy application.

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